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Toric contact lens doubt


I wonder if someone had a similar experience.
I`ve been using a toric contact lens (Cibavision AIR Optix for Astigmatism) on OE for almos an year and I am very satisfied.
I have never used contact lens before.

My spectacles prescription used to be:
OE -3.75 spherical and [email protected]º cylindrical
OD: Due to an excelente cataract surgery my OD now is "plano". For this discussion OD does not matter.

My previous OE lens was -3.75 and -1,[email protected]º.
Yes, it is not wrong, lens axis was 90º despite the 80º on the prescription.
I was told that this is due to some prescription conversion because contact lens power sometimes need some adjustments and not always matches spectacles prescription.
Also cylindrical power was -1,75 because Cibavision does not make -2.0 lens for astigmatism, but this is ok.
Anyway, from day 0 this lens image was great, and after a week I was completely adapted.

Recently, after a periodic exame, my doctor change my prescription a little.
Now it is -3.50 and [email protected]º, just 0.25 chage on the cylindrical power.
My new lens is -3.50 and [email protected]º.
Note that now there was no axis conversion (??), it is the same axis from the prescription.
I thought that it was ok, after all this lens is closer to the new prescription, but the fact is, the image with this lens is quite worse than the previous one.
By the way, I didn`t bought this lens at the same place, and I think they made some mistake, they  told me that, because of some conversion,  the lens would a have 70º axis ( why not 90º ??) but send me a 80º axis lens ?!

I already had another exam with my doctor (he does not sells contact lens), and after another detailed exam he confirmed the last precription (-3.50 and [email protected]º) is correct.
He could not explain why I prefer a lens with the old prescription, he also told me the axis difference should not be a  problem and he suspects the small change on the cylindrical power could be the "guilty".
He also suspects my crystalline could be adapted for the old lens power, and maybe after a few days with new lens the image will became better.

I still have 2 lens with the old power (they will last 2 moths), I will try the new lens for a few days but I am considering buying another set with the old power.

I could not find more information on this "contact lens prescription conversion" matter.
Is it really important ? Does anyone knows where can I find more information about this ?

Thanks in advance for any comment.
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This is an insignificant change. I would stay with your old prescription.

Dr. O.
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Dr. Ray,

I will try to change the lens with a new set using the old prescription as I feel more confortable with the old one. Maybe I am a little picky, but I sure can see some shadows/double images on details with the new one.

Thank you very much for your help.
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