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Tortuous veins in the eyes

I've just been for an eye examination and was told that my eyes are fine and my glasses don't need updating.  
But what I have also been told is that the veins in my eyes are tortuous.  I was asked if my blood pressure was high, but it has never been high in my life, I'm 59.  So I wonder what could have caused the veins to become twisted apart from high blood pressure?  
I would appreciate some information please.
Many thanks
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ISometimes it can be seen with hypertension or cardiovascular problems, or things like chronic smoking.  Sometimes it is just a finding that some people have that cannot really be explained.  In a nutshell if the eyes are otherwise very healthy, then I would recommend you have an evaluation of your blood pressure,cardivascular health and cholesterol and lipids. Obviously smoking is a no no.   If everything checks out good I would just continue to have your regular eye examinations with you ophthalmologist and your regular medical checkups as well.

Michael Kutryb, MD
Kutryb Eye Institute
Titusville Edgewater, FL
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