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I've had a few toxo infections in the eye, and have treated it 3 times. I've done many tests including HIV and Tuberculosis and they were all negative. I already know the symptoms so I know when I'm infected or not(flickering, blurry and spotted vision).

I've also had an episode 10 years ago in which I had some sort of stroke as the doctors said. It was shown on an MRI as a brain lesion, which has dissapeared on a recent MRI. They never told me what could've caused it.

Another thing is that I have this small cyst in my upper abdomen that when left untouched I don't few anything, but is painful when I try to feel it. There's also one in my left forearm and one on my left thigh.

So I've read up a lot about many things on the internet, and I suspect that these things are all linked to toxo. What I want to know is if it's possible that these things are linked, and what are the actions that I should take in order to treat it.

Thanks in advance for the responde
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I don't relate the skin lesions to the toxoplasmosis but I have only seen chorioretinitis and no other type of toxoplasmosis lesions during my career - so I'm not the best one to ask about this.  The cysts could easily be biopsied by your physicians if you want to know what they are.  Now, the previous lesion in the brain - that indeed could be linked but how will you ever know since it is now gone.

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