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Transparent little bubbles on white of eye

My daughter has had tiny transparent little bubbles on the white part of her left eye and redness since July. The eye doctor has prescribed Lotemax twice and the bubbles and redness of her eye go away until she stops the drops. The last treatment included Zithromax and antibiotic drops for the eye. The redness went away but the bubbles did not. The doctor also ordered all kinds of blood tests and all of them came back negative. Her next suggestion is to do a biopsy. I wonder if anyone has encountered these tiny gelatin type mass of bubbles?
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If it is a sheet of tiny bubbles it could be xerosis or extreme dryness which can also be related to chronic vitamin deficiencies, particularly vitamin A.  I really cannot make any more comment without seeing it but I strongly recommend that she see a pediatric ophthalmoloigist to make sure you are on the right track.  Sometimes these little cysts can be totally harmless, other times it they are quite impressive, it could be something more concerning.  I'm not sure about her situation, but definitely intrigued.

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