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Trigeminal nerve eye pain

A general ophthalmologist, a retina specialist and now a neurologist have al said they don't know why I am having severe pain in my blind eye. I went through 3 vitrectomies 20 years ago and have a collapsed retina. I wear a prosthetic shell over the eye to protect and make my eye look more cosmetically appealing. There is some discharge at times. It hurts to bend over and at times I am extremely sensitive to light some of the time.  I have had pain *attacks* that last 15 minutes to 2 hours when the area above my teeth and behind my eyebrow experience a stabbing pain that brought me to the ER twice this week. What specialist can best treat me?
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Other than chiropractor, I had best results with pain management specialist. Just my experience.
I have had fantastic pain relief results with chiropractic treatments. When my neck is out in particular areas, I think the top, I get extreme teeth pain sensitivity. I have controlled migraines this way, And face pain usually , for me anyway, links to migraine and neck pain. Problem is, very hard to find a good chiropractor, especially for the neck. They must be very gentle, until you trust them. The pain is now just on the edges of my neck head, although I did have an episode of severe teeth pain last month, could not chew, got adjusted and it stopped, took me 11 years to get to that point. Might give some relief. For the pain the chiropractor could not relieve, I got relief from botox injections, neck, head,  sides of face. That relaxed muscles, along with muscle relaxers, enough , so could finish rest of healing and get off meds. I did the neurologist, etc, route. Did have pinched nerve in neck, seems managed, and reasonably controlled with chiro; after meds and last resort, botox injections for two years. I hope you lessen your pain soon. Stabbing pain seems nerve pain, from pain I have had.
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I would suggest you see an occulo-plastic surgeon. In the USA find one near you at www.aao.org. The Eye MD might discuss doing an alcohol block of the eye to relieve pain or you might discuss removing the blind eye.

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