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Trouble with double vision and following faster moving objects with eyes

I have not driven since 2006. One of the reasons was because I almost caused an accident on three occasions when trying to get on the freeway and I did not see a car coming both times. On another earlier occasion when I was at a stop sign and went to pull out I did not see a car coming and they had to slam on their brakes. Now I use a scooter sometimes at the store due to mobility problems and I have almost  ran into people who were walking fast and I just did not see them. i wear glasses and have astigmatism. i have double vision on and off more closer to me than far away. Five years ago I was told I had strabismus in my right eye. I went to the eye dr today and had vision and a dilated eye exam but they did not do the exam for new glasses. I was told my eyes looked healthy but the dr didn't say anything about my difficulty following objects even though they did seem to test me on that. I have to go to a strabismus specialist to get a determination on if I actually have it or not. I have difficulty focusing on things and am very frustrated with how today went. I  am not sure where to go from here. What would I do about this and what kind of dr could perhaps help me. Thank you
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If you did not see an ophthalmologist for the complete eye exam, you need to do so and you also need a visual field test to examine your peripheral (side) vision.  There are many causes of decreased side vision.  If you have persistent double vision, which cannot be relieved with some prism in your glasses, then a consultation with a strabismus specialist is in order, to determine if you need eye muscle surgery.
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I do not recommend the any surgery, double vision is a nightmare in which I have lived with it for 8 years ( Post strabismus surgery )... For me prisms didn't help, I do and have done patching my good eye due to good eye is strained....  Blackening out a lens in a glasses is easier than wearing the pirate patch you find at your drug stores, it is possible to drive, work, live as normal as you can with one eye patched.... Wish you the best of luck.
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