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UVeitis and Cataract Surgery

First a little medical history  I am a 45 year old woman with chronic UVeitis since August 2008 (first bout in 1993 then not again until 2008). I am HLA B27+ and have other auto immune issues as well. (takayasu arteritis and reactive arthritis).  I have only had UVeitis in my right eye and developed a cataract in my eye fairly quickly from steroid drops, steroid injections and oral steroids through out the years.. My vision pre-uveitis (since it became chronic in 2008) was excellent. I am nearsighted but was able to see distance very well too. I never needed glasses until my cataract started to develop but they weren't a strong prescription and I used them mainly at night to drive. Then my cataract started developing very quickly so I mainly relied on my "good eye".

Since I was nearsighted and able to read without glasses with my right eye my doctor decided to put in a mono focal lense set for distance. Another reason for for the mono focal is they were only going to be doing cataract surgery on one eye as my left eye is fine and also multi focal iol tend not to do well with uveitis.

I am currently on methotrexate 7.5 mg one a week, 1mg folic acid, 15 mg mobix and once daily Durzol until I had the surgery (uveitis was under control with the above medications.)

I had the surgery yesterday. It was uneventful, the doctor gave me a steriod injection which made lovely bubbles appear on the white part of my eye. He upped the Durzol to 4 times a day (along with diclofenac and vigamox) and I will find out when I see him today what the next treatment will be.

I realize that it has barl been 24 hours since I had the procedure and that things can only get better but I wonder if settingvthevlensecfor distance was the right one. Here is the information on the iol implant card.

Acrysof IQ
Model SN60WF
Power 19.0 D
Length 13.0 mm
Optic 6.0 mm

I,m having 2nd thoughts about getting the distance iol. I wonder if it would have been smarter to get one set for near and just wear glasses for driving and watching TV. Also the UV coating bothers me.  In fact, it was the first thing I noticed after the lens was implanted.  

When both of my eyes are opened my vision is noticeably better, when I close my good eye (the left) I have a lot of ghosting and my vision isn't clear t all. I also just noticed a "shimmering" appearance (upper right side of right eye)  in the cataract surgery eye, I hope itgoes away. my eye is still dilated some from the procedure which my doctor told me could happen. I have a follow up appointment this afternoon but I was wondering about your experience with cases such as mine, what is the generic time frame to see clearly out of the iol eye (I assume that the steriod injections are affecting the clarity as well), do you ever get use to the tint on the lens, how long does it take my eyes to get use to one normal eye that is nearsighted and the other cataract Surgery eye set or distance?  When my eyes are open and really trying to focus they feel like they are fighting each others
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Sorry about all the typos. Auto correct on my iPad stinks.
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1. It's too early to draw conclusions
2. Voice your concerns to your surgeon.

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