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Uncorrectable vision loss

  I have an Undifferientated Connective Tissue Disease probably SLE.  Over the years I have developed an uncorrectable loss of vision in my right eye.  I also see a double image, or a 'ghost' image when I read.  I have recently noticed that at times lights have a halo look.  Are these symptoms related to the connective tissue disease?  I have had an MRI of the brain and it was normal.  What other tests should be done?  My Grandmother had Glaucoma, are these symptoms of this condition?  My Opthmalogist said that the vision loss was probably due to Sjogren's Syndrome, but lab tests are negative for this condition.  What do you think?  
Connective tissue disorders can be associated with eye problems as you are probably aware.  Some of the connective tissue disorders are more likely than others to do this.  Your symptoms of seeing halos around light and blurred images or seeing a ghost image MAY be caused by a cataract.  Some people with connective tissue disorders may be on steroids for treatment of the disease and this can precipitate a cataract. There are other types of ophthalmic conditions that can cause one to see halos around lights and because of this I would recommend a thorough ophthalmic exam.  
You also mentioned that you have dry eyes.  Certainly, this condition can affect your vision.  Lupus may be associated with dry eyes without being associated with Sjogren's.
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