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Uneven vision

Hi, I have noticed that objects are closer or more magnified in my left eye. I would estimate that objects appear approx 20% larger/closer via my left eye compared to the right.  I only recently discovered this but have had eye symptoms since turning 40 about 3 years ago whereby I noticed focusing on distant objects did not seem quite normal and I would get a slight ghosting effect and I suspected then that I had binocular problems with focusing both eyes on objects.
I also have a large number of vitreous floaters in my left eye that got worse around 40 which have been quite an annoyance. This seems to have stabilised and is not getting worse, and no I did not have any flashes of light throughout this time. I originally thought the floaters may have been behind  the binocular issues but now that I notice this magnification issue. I believe this is causing the issue.
I have not found any info on a condition like this & not sure whether it will be something I have to live with or if there is a treatable cause.. Any help is appreciated.
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First, the bothersome floaters should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist right away.  They can sometimes be a sign of bleeding in the retina or vitreous or a retinal detachment or tear.  The difference in image size can be due to two things - either there is a simple difference in the refractive error of the eyes (easily correctable with glasses) or sometimes there can be a wrinkling or distortion of the macula of one of the eyes causing metamorphopsia or changes in image shape (a more serious problem that is more difficult to help.)  See an ophthalmologist right away for both of your problems.

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