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Uveitis - Toxoplasmosis healing

Hello. I am from Brazil and I have uveitis in my right ete, caused by toxoplasmosis, since 1995.

I had two flare ups (one in 2004 and one now, in progress).

The first one, as I can see on my exams, was the worst and the most extense lesion, and it caused a vision loss (like a black targe on the left/down side of the vision) PLUS several flying black smaller spots.

The second one appeared to be less intense, wher it just gave me some more smaller spots (flying flies).

The actual one seems to be like the second, but it is closer to the central vision spot. (My doctor said it was a sattelite lesion, not cause by the toxoplasmosis anymore).

We have experienced doctros here, nevertheless, I wanted to hear Mr. John Hagan's words about four (apperently) simple questions:

1 - Is there any chance of having a fourth flare up in the center of my eye and wake up blind of my right eye? (If yes, is there any prevention and effective treatment?

2 - Is there a chance of having a second black targe due to this last flare up, since my first lesion, in 1995, did not presented the black targe at the beginig - it appeared 2 months later.

3 - Is there any avaiable (or studies of a) treatment or surgery to take off these several black spots of my eye? (Even if the black tarjes still here, taking off this annoying spots would be extremely great and priceless). If so, where do I travel to make this surgery or treatment (or if it is under studies, when is it supposed to be availiable?)

4 - The same question posted above (number 3), regarding to the black tarjes.....

Hope to see any new treatment... as lasers or stem cells... anything! :)

Looking forward to an answer!

Thank you,

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1. Yes there is some risk but it declines rapidly as time passes.  Best prevention see your ophthalmologists regularily.
2. Yes but again as time passes the risk becomes very small.
3. I suspect not since its usually due to scarring of the retina and underlying choroid. As your surgeons.
4. Same answer as #3.

There is always hope and there is much research. Perhaps someday the answers will be different.

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