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Veins in sclera

Over the course of the last year I have noticed an increasing number of red veins appearing on the white part of my eye.  They are not consistent with irritation or an allergic reaction per se.  They are definitive red veins that are clearly visible.  They are becoming so prolific in the outside corner of my right eye, that people comment that my "eyes are red".  However, it is never irritated nor uncomfortable in any way.  No scrathy feelings, no other symptoms whatsoever.  Is similar to looking at vericose veins on a very small scale.
I do wear contacts for going on 20 years now but have never had any ill effects.  Wear extended wear contacts but take them out every night anyway.
I have not been to see an ophthalmologist as yet but it is on my list to do.  Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance
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Maybe you're allergic to your dog - just kidding.  Could be allergy related, poorly fitting contact lens, dry eye syndrome, swimming or surfing too much, too much wind or sun, occupatonal exposure like dust, sand, air blowers, exposore to cigarette smoke.  Sounds like you're having a definite redness problem - probably is giving you a warning sign of some possible trouble brewing.  I'm sure it can be treted though.  You know what you have to do - get it looked at by an ophthalmologist - who can consider some drop treatments, possible new contacts, possilble rest from contacts, possible new glasses, reducing occupatonal exposures or other irritants, etc, etc.  Good Luck.
Michael Kutryb, MD
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