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Very high myopia & astigmatism, surgery....

I have very high myopia, glasses prescription is -18.25 in left and -19.50 in right with astigmatism around 5D in both eyes too.
Being only 22 i want to enjoy my life as it is getting me down. Due to high astigmatism and also an allergy in my left eye, i struggle with contact lens fitting.

I had a referral to Moorfields hospital in London where i discussed surgery. I was seen by Bruce Allan who suggested surgery as an option for me. He said an ICL would be recommended and would drastically improve my eyesight and quality of life (his website here http://www.allan.vu/procedures/icl-implantation/#)

So ive come here to ask really, how safe would an op like this be, and has anyone here had such an op with similar levels of myopia to me? My prescription still hasnt stabilized completely but Mr Allan said that future laser surgery can easily correct changes in prescription with age, or perhaps the lens removed and replaced with a more accurate prescription.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as i am very tempted to get the surgery next year.
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An ICL is your best/only option.

Dr. O.
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Is it safe?
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Regarding your high myopia, do you have floaters in your eyes?
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Some, i had my eyes checked out and she said its the vitreous gel coming off, this was about 5 months ago, dont seem to be any worse.
Why do you ask?
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Hi! I just now read your previous post about your concern. I'm a high myopic too (you can read my post about my problem) and have been concerning much about my sight past few months. I'm still having floaters and recently seeing intermittently tiny flash outer corner of my left eye. I'm so afraid this thing will get worse and I keep praying that it won't happen for so many years. I agree with some experts saying that most myopia like us have good sight til we die and I keep believing in that. I know that I'm also worried of being blind and absolutely I don't want to think about that world. But I also keep encouraging myself that no matter what happen it happens for a good cause and I won't be left alone. Though I'm still worried I keep my faith and enjoy the life, be thankful that til this second I still can see. Hope you encourage yourself too and you can always share/talk about your concern to your family/friends or community here. :)
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Screw it may as well get the implants, life is for living and a huge burden would be lifted
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bump any experiences
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I feel your pain about severe myopia and the impact it has on your life.  At 22, you have a lot of living to do!

I'm not a doctor but just wanted to mention that I think the risks of an implanted lens surgery for patients like us is a risk of retina detachment or other complications of the surgery.  You didn't mention if your nearsightedness is caused by a high axial length (extremely long eyeball from front to back), but it seems likely.  If this is the case, there is a risk of disturbing a retina that is under high-stress anytime you have a surgical procedure in the eye.  Only you can determine how much the risk of a possible retina detachment would prevent you from wanting the implants.  Please discuss this with your doctor.

And although your doctor said you could have the ICL removed/replaced later on if your prescription changed a lot, be aware that every eye surgery adds to the risk of later retina and other complications.  Ditto with laser correction; you might have 1 shot at it to correct most of your astigmatism and any 'sphere' error in the strength of the implanted lens, but I don't think this is a procedure than can be repeated frequently.

That said, you might have good results with an ICL implant that could be paired with a low-power toric contact lens, to correct your astigmatism and any change in your nearsightedness.  Lens choices at -2.0D are WAY more plentiful than at -15 or -20!!

Lastly, if your nearsightedness is caused by a very long axial length, please be sure you know the signs of a retina detachment and don't wait to go back to the doctor if you ever see them.  Use caution in any high-impact sports.   Best of luck!
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Thanks for the response. The ICL surgery as was explained to me puts minimal pressure on the eye itself so retinal complications arent affected any more so than sitting her now doing nothing (surgeons words). He specializes in high myopia in young patients so id be in the best hands possible.
No idea on the length of my eyeball, a consultation is £150 and all of this will be checked before making any decisions.
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