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Virectomy surgery

Going to have to have eye sugery with insertion of bubble. Have been researching things about positions I have to be in. Almost impossible seeing I just had knee surgery, which I have trouble bending,restless leg syndrom which drives me nuts, can't lay on my stomach due to a bad veterbrae and constant back pain, fybromyalgia,neck and shoulder pains from surgery to both, also it's the second surgery to the same knee within an 8 month period which both were for total peplacement. First one was unsucessful. probaly the only way I can see having this done is with the insertion of silcone oil. My Dr has not yet given me that as an alternative. I sure would like to have it done that way. How is the oil retracted? Help please.Currently kind of blurry seeing objects in front of me, but it turned out to be I have a hole in the macular and not a bad rx for my glasses. Help.  Thanks
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AnnaE, thanks for the very helpful comments.  My advice is to do what your surgeon recommends.  You do not want silicone unless absolutely necessary because regular methods are unsuccessful.  Again, you are much better off if you can avoid silicone oil.  AnnaE is giving you excellent advice.  Talk with your surgeon, he should be able to lead you in the right direction.  

Michael Kutryb, MD
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You can go to vitrectomy solutions.com for the most reasonable prices on face-down positioning equipment. This helps me. I have similar problems only my new knee was 4 months old.

You can also try the following position. Lie on your side. Put your arms straight up over your head and then straight down on the bed above your head. Put your face down. Your
body will be positioned sideways yet your face will be down. It takes some practice, but this worked better for me than the equipment.

I don't think you want silicone oil in your eye unless you really need it. I had to lie face down, even with silicone oil. Silicone oil means two surgeries, and side effects to your eye, such as cataract.

I had detached retinas, not a macular hole.

The doctor will advise you better.
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