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Vision Change

I've had a cataract and glacoma surgery done in both eyes two years ago. I've been experiencing vision change, as in needing stronger prescription, since January 3rd, almost two months ago, I've been to the doctor three times in the past two months for this, and another problem with eye pain and irritation in the left eye.  I have been issued two eyeglass prescription changes which I filled both times.
I have more recently been using Bromday one drop a day. for two weeks. Last drop I've taken was February 13th. This was for the eye pain and irritation in left eye only.
Now, here is the strange part.  Tuesday, yesterday, February 22nd, I woke up and could see very clearly, sharp as ever since my operations two years ago. I didn't even need my glasses (for distance, still needed them to read close up, the bifocals) all day long. I could read my neighbor's house number on his house. I could read the street sign outside my house, both very clearly. Without glasses. I could even read fine print, in the bificals of my glasses. Haven't been able to do that for a few months. All day long, I've experienced pretty good sharp, clear vision.
Now, the really strange part. Today, I'm partly back to blur, not seeing clearly. The glasses help some. But no  where do I see as good as I did yesterday. It's not as bad as the last couple of months, but, not as good and sharp as yesterday.
I've  been keeping a journal, a log, in a computer file, very deteail since February 1st, started it January 5th, two days after my problem started.
I didn't call my doctor, yet, last visit was February 15th. I'm going to see what goes on for the next few days.

My question: what could be going on? Two different doctors examined my eyes, in past two months. Both say they didn't think my eye pain and eye watering were associated with vision change. They both said it was normal for the vision to gradually get worse.
But, why did I see clear and sharp yesterday all day?
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I'm not sure how to explain this.  The only thing I could think of is maybe you have a tear film abnormality that was somehow normalized yesterday.  Did you try using artificial tears regularly to see if that helps keep the vision more clear on a regular basis?

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I am currently using Blink brand artificial tears, one to four drops a day.  Some days I forget an only get one in, other days, I get four drops in, throughout the day. The days I put more in, I remember, because my eye feels, not dry, but, sore. So, I remember to put it in.
I remember to use Blink, not because of eye dryness, but, because the eye feels sore.
Today is Feb 26th, Saturday,my vision is the worse ever since January 3rth, 2011. Very blurry, close up and distant, with or without my glasses. Eye feels very sore. I used a drop of Bromday, last three days, one drop each day, and used Blink four drops a day, last three days, because of the soreness, I remembered to use them.
My right eye, has no vision change, for comparison, Although I have lost a lot of vision in right eye, due to glaucoma, I can still tell I see sharply in it.  
My left eye is giving me this problem.
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I guess I should add, Tuesday, Feb 22nd, all day long, my eye felt really good, and I could see, I'm guessing 20/20, without glasses. I still needed my bifiocals, for reading, but, even then I could tell a change, I could actually read fine print, couldn't do that for a long time. When I did put my January 24th precription glasses on, it did, sharpen distant vision even more, but, very slightly. I could actually see without my glasses! For one day.
Then, as each day progressed, today being Saturday, four days later, I'm back to my eye problems, pain and blurriness, like January 3rd, through February 21st.
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