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Vision Changes

  This may be a strange question but it happened so I am going to
  ask your opinion.  What can it mean when your vision dims during a
  bowel movement?  Also noted a slight throbbing of side of head (both
  sides)  This lasted just until the BM passed. Vision dimming was
  bottom half in both eyes and got lighter in conjunction with my
  heart beat. (total time involved, maybe 3 seconds)
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it sounds like u experienced a temporary effect of increased intrathoracic pressure when straining, called a valsalva effect.  this in turn causes increased intravenous pressure in your head, which includes the eyes, and this theoretically could cause a temporary lack of blood flow to your eyes and dim the vision, though i have never seen this. and if it is true then i urge u to have your eyes examined to rule out any signs of abnormal vasculature, or blood supply.  but i am sure that u will be fine.
key words: valsalva

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