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Vision Skewed

This has happened a number of times over the years, but never like today. I was in a restaurant with 4 of my kids.  I'm sitting there and suddenly, with no warning, it's as if my eyes were crossed.  I asked my son if my eyes were crossed, he said no. I took my glasses off, rubbed my eyes and it was still doing it.  The room seemed tilted ever so slightly.  Closing one eye helped, and I tried closing each eye individually back and forth and my vision was clear, focused. But both eyes opened together resulted in everything being skewed heavily.

In the past it cleared up within a minute.  Today's episode lasted 10 minutes.  I made my way to my feet and went to the men's room hoping getting some blood flowing would help, but it didn't.  I was becoming very nervous, I was driving and my wife wasn't with me.  I felt stuck in a bad situation.

History of me
I'm 44
no blood pressure issues
I did have a 50 minute aura first thing this morning, so this might be related to the migraine.
Three separate occasions today my bottom teeth and tip of tongue became tingly/numb for 5 minutes; this has been happening fairly frequently lately.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms and know the medical term for it, please share it with me.  Thanks, Willy
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Oh, when I went to the men's room I looked at my eyes and my pupils were very dilated.
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