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Vision Therapy

     After a long time going to doctors and telling them how do I feel when I read, I have understood the real problem with my eyes. I hope someone can help me out because I need to read again. I could read before. Also, I am attending to College, and it is really a pain on the neck not to be able to read anything. I feel like I am going to fail all my classes.
     As anyone would know, everybody reads moving her eyes from left to right. I can do that. But, the problem comes when I try to slow down my eyes to read slowly and concetrate more on line I am reading. I can stop them. but I cannot slow them down. They move at a speed faster than regular speed when I read something, so it causes me I cannot concentrate on the reading. They really move fast from left to right.
     Does anyone knows what kind of problem I have? I have heard about a program called PVT, Perceptual Visual Tracking Program,http://www.visiontherapysolutions.net/pvt_1.html, but I am not sure that if I should buy it. Also, I have gone to three eye doctors. The last two prescribed me Vision Therapy, specifically for Convergence Insuffiency. But those did not work. They prescribed me glasses, too.
     I am living in MA. I appreciate if anyone can recommend me a good eye doctor who practices VT in the Boston area. Or, if the program I mentioned above is good for my eye condition?
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Forget about all these scams for vision therapy.  they don't work.  go to www.aao.org  and click on fina an eye md and you will be able to find an EyeMD, ophthalmologist who will help figure out your problem
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