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Vision getting worse and experiencing strange symptoms

I have posted on here before but I recently have developed newer symptoms that are terrifying and really unnerving.
When I cough, run or jump I see a bright circle in the center of my vision and I see my veins. I can see what looks like my optic nerve and all of my veins branching out of it. I’m also experiencing halos around lights while driving in the evening.

I went to a retina specialist and had a full exam with photos and went back the following week for additional testing, which included a newer hi def photo and another with a dye injection. Everything looked normal and my doctor reassured me that he saw no signs of any major eye diseases. He said that in ophthalmology, one can see any signs of disease, even rare ones, and that test are used to confirm. I was asking him if I had Azoor or RP.

What could this be? The spot when running and seeing my veins light up when I cough? (Doc said my vitreous was good). I am myopic and have astigmatism, could this account for the halos?
I’m scared I have some serious rare genetic disorder. I’m F 35, 5’9 135 pounds. I exercise regularly and my blood work (1 month ago) was normal.
The halos and veins are really scaring me. I’d appreciate any thoughts.
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I’d just like to clarify that the spots I see when exercising, are not stars. It is a bright white circle and when I cough I see my veins and crescent shaped dark spots.
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Read the section on wikipedia.com about entoptic phenomena. your symptoms suggest hyperawareness of same.
Hi Doctor, thanks for the quick response. I’m aware of entioic phenomena and discovered it as a child by pressing the corners of my eyes. This spot is different in that it appears if I simply run or cough. I’d also like some insight into the halos I’m getting, if you’re able to provide any. Thanks
Yes the halos could come from your glasses RX needing changing, reflections from within the glasses themselves or cornea or lens problems. these would better be checked by a comprehensive Eye MD ophthalmologist. Retina MDs rarely do glasses testing.
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