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Visual Disturbances

I have been seeing halos, star busts and glare and sudden flashes and black dots for the past 8 months. In the beginning i was so worried because my vision just changed gradually, ive been to 2 eye hospitals and ave done loads of scans they still don't know whats wrong they cant see nothing with my eyes at all, the symptoms i have are non stop day and night but gets worse st night every light in vision becomes halos with s star bust and glare of anything and everything, i also have had a MRI scan that showed clear and also a lumpur puncture that was clear too and nerve test was clear too. i done saw  another neurologist 3 months from now saying this is all migraine acute migraine because i ave no pain in my head, since 3 months now been taking proponolol tabs for migraine from 20mgs to 6 tabs a day and i still don't see no difference at all in my vision. today i remembered something i have had a gastric band done in June 2011 ans since ten till now i have lost 32kgs, since i had the band done i was nearly vomiting 3 - 4 times as day guessing the band was too tight. now am thinking maybe it was to do with that hard coughing and vomiting which caused pain in head while vomiting. i still don't know whats wrong with my vision as everything is coming out clear, can you please let me know if you know what this might be, any suggestions? it is also causing me anxiety and depression with this visual disturbances which is in the way, thank you.
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It seems all the appropriate tests have been performed already.  Make sure a neuroophthalmologist has been involved in your care as well.

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