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Vitreous Detachment

I was involved in a car accident. My head (Left side) hit the door post of my truck and knocked me out for approximately 3-4 minutes. I do not remember anything regarding this accident. A car T boned me (Driver side) approximately 55 MPH. This accident occured on October 11, 2008.When I came to, I had a headache and it has not gone away (Front portion of my head). I also have a headache that comes and goes every day (Right side of my head down to my neck and shoulder area). (Other injuries also) After my accident both eyes appeared to be bloodshot (Not real bad), and my vision has been bad since the wreck. When I read the words run together, and bright lights make my eyes hurt, and at night when in a car (Not driving) the oncomming llights hurt my eyes also. It took 4 weeks to see my eye doctor. My eye doctor put me in new glasses and I can see better (Words don't run together; but hurt when I read).My doctor told me that I had Vitreous Detachment. He stated that I had a lot of floters, and did not understand why I was not seening floaters, shadows currently. My doctor is still treating me, and told me that I might have to have two (02) different operations to correct these problems. My questions is if I have vitreous detachment; should I be able to see and NOT see these floaters and or dots and shadows? Thank You... (W/M -63 YOA)
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I agree with below posts.  A vitreous detachment is not a major problem but can lead to a retinal detachment in about 5% of the time.  Be thankful you don't see the floaters, I would consider that a good thing.  I am also confused about the talk of surgery when so far you have not had any condition for which surgery was even an option.  I suspect your blurred vision may be due to some pain meds and possibly muscle relaxors and you probably feel like you went 10 rounds with Rocky Balboa.

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I would highly recommend you seek out a second opinion from a well qualified ophthalmologist. Find one at www.aao.org.
Vitreous detachments occur more often w/ age. Some people are asymptomatic, however some people do notice floaters and some flashing lights in the periphery.
However if you notice a curtain/veil/shadow obscuring your vision than you may be experiencing a retinal detachment which is an emergency and will require surgery!!!
Due to the accident you may have other visual problems which may require surgery but a simple vitreous detachment does not, if that is indeed your problem.
I strongly recommend you ask your doctor to clarify whether you have only a vitreous detachment or a retinal detachment as there is a huge difference between the two. Also, get a second and maybe even a third opinion!!!
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Thank you for your comment. My doctor told me that I had both (Vitreous detachment and Retinal detachment). Since my accident it feels like I have something in my eyes all the time, but I can not see anything in my eyes. I will take your advice.
Thank you,
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