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Vitreous Opacity after retina detachment surgery

Hi I'm 24 and had retina detachment surgeries in my left eye around 7 weeks ago. The doctor put some silicon sponge onto my scleral to help reattach the retina. I've done several checkups so far and surgeons had said my retina's back in place and so far so good.
But I still feel a bit uncomfortable and worried about my eye condition, since now I've got floaters in my left eye, and there's no sign of them vanishing. My doc just told me it's normal to have vitreous opacity after this kind of surgery... So I'd like to know, is it REALLY NORMAL to have those floaters after RD surgeries?
And I've also got flashes now and then in the left eye, suggesting there's still traction between the vitreous and retina. Is this traction due to the bad condition of vitreous (as my doc said, and he said nothing can be done to the flashed)? And is it possible it will get better in the futures/ any risk this traction will eventually pull off the retina again?
Please help me out... I don't dare to go back to my work as a software developer now due to the poor eye condition...
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1. Yes it is really normal. The operation does noting to get rid of floaters/viteous opacities.
2. USe the search feature and archives and read about the recover from "retinal detachment surgery"
3. You will not hurt  either eye by returning to work when your retina surgeon okays it.
4. The most important thing is keeping your other eye free of disease or injury.
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Thanks a lot for the reply. I'm pretty sure I had retinal detachment in the left eye because of heavy lift exercises so now I'm totally away of this kind of working out.
Maybe I just need to ease my mind a bit about the post surgery symptoms. I'm starting to take JOLETHIN hoping it'll help get rid of some of the floaters.
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