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Vitreous prolapse

I had Crystalens implanted six months ago.  It was followed by two YAG treatments for PCO and to free an immobile lens.  My prescription is -2.00 x -1.25  x 010.  Two weeks ago, I had a PVD that produced lots of floaters and a large Weiss Ring.  When the floaters moved out of the way, I did have periods of clear vision.  Several days later, I had Vitreous Prolapse and now have vitreous in front of the lens.  My vision is now foggy with passing clouds and using this eye for close vision (both with or without glasses) causes eye ache and headache.   My Retina Specialist says the retina and macula are fine.  He could not explain the eye ache and was vague about my outcome.  I have another appointment in a month.  I have tried to research Vitreous Prolapse, but most discussions are about prolapse during surgery, not after the fact.  Is post surgical prolapse an uncommon event?  Do you have any ideas about what may be causing the eye ache?  Can this problem resolve itself?  Thanks for your help.
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The vitreous has proplapsed forward through the YAG capsulotomy openings.  This is not a common occurrence, but may occur if the capsulotomy is large.  One possibility is that the proplapsed vitreous is causing intermittent pupillary block and elevated eye pressure.  I would recommend an evaluation with a glaucoma specialist, including gonioscopy.  If the specialist has access to UBM (Ultrasound BioMicroscopy), this can image the area behind the iris and may demonstrate intermittent pupillary block during accommodation (near focusing).  You might need a laser iridotomy.
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Thank you for your response.  I will see my Optometrist later this week and ask about that.  
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