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Wake up with right eye irritated and right nostril runny.

About twice a month I wake up with my right eye very irritated almost like I have an eyelash in there.  This only happens after I wake up and it hurts.  My eye burns and is very red and waters.  This only happens in my right eye.  Also my right nostril runs.  My left eye and nostril are fine and never had any issues with them.  I thought maybe it was my pillow so I changed detergents, pillows, sheets and comforter.  But this happens no matter where I go.  It has happened at hotels, my house, and at my parents house.  It is really weird and starting to scare me as it is only my right eye and nostril.   The pain and redness only last for a few hours and lately I have noticed that there is a milkly film that pours out.  I have taken allergy medicene and used eye drops but nothing happens.  Is this something I should be worried about?  
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I suspect the nostril runs because the eye is so irritated and watering profusely.  In other words I suspect an eye problem like a corneal erosion. The runny nose is a side effect of that.  Use Refresh Pm ointment at bedtime, try a sleep mask over the eye and see and ophthalmologist for a  complete exam with special attention toward a corneal erosion or other corneal problem. Other possible causes include trigeminal neuralgia and cluster headaches - these could be suspected if eye exam is totally normal.

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