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Want to know possible cause of vertical double vision

Hello sir,  i am 26 year old male.  I am having vertical double vision only in low light condition.  Doesn't matter which eye i cover i always see the same double vision image. Its been a 9 months i am having this issue.  Neurologist told me ot is mograin,  but i think he misunderstood it(though used have frequent headaches at that time and i told him about that too). My eyes looks normal when i see it in mirror.  I am not able to understand what is the problem.  What could be the cause for such type of double vision which appear only when light in the room is low?.  
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You do not have double vision.   true double vision means you see two of everything with both eyes open.  When you shut one eye you do not see double.  Double vision is a 2 eye problem. What you are describing that you see with one eye is called 'ghosting"   it is a one eye problem. there are many causes the most common are:  needing glasses especially for astigmatism, glasses that are incorrect or poorly fit,  cornea disease,  CATARACTS,  and macular disease. You need to see an eye MD ophthalmologist and have complete medical eye exam, possibly with cornea topography and macular OCT.  Why you see in dim light is usually due to the larger pupil size in dim light.
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Yes sir.  Actually i tried closing my single eye one by one but it doesn't help.  Weather left eye is closed or right eye is closed or both are open i always see same image.  I see letters one above another in dim light.  I get checked my eyes,  no change in lense power.  Sorry i forgot to mention these details.  Thanks for your reply.  
You would need the tests I outlined.
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