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Watery Eyes

I have this weird watery eye problem. Every couple of hours if I do something such as, bend over, sneeze, massage around my right eye at all or any other motion, I can feel a small amount of water go from one side of my eye, through the tear duct, to the corner of my eye nearest my nose and comes out causing water to poor from my eyes.

This is annoying more than anything, but there is some eye pain as well. I don't believe I have any allergies (I'm 21). I am not sure if it's eye irritation or eye strain or perhaps sinus problems (I do have headaches - never constant, usually feels like pressure and sometimes a throbbing pain usually on the right side or back of head, though when I sneeze, I get this weird tingling sensation on my left temple).

I started taking some irritation relief eye drops earlier today but I haven't gotten any relief really.

Anybody got any ideas?
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Watery eyes can caused by:
1. problems with the tear overflow drainage system which brings the excess tears into the nasolacrimal duct and into the nose.
2.  problems with the lid margin especially loose or inturned or out turned lower lids  
3.  excess tear production due to irritation, inflammation, injury, or allergies of the eye
4.  occationally significant dry eye syndrome can cause such a deficiency of normal maintenance tears that the eye becomes very irritated, develops a burning sensation and reflex tears can be produced much like when you get too close to an onion.

I recommend you see and ophthalmologist to try to determine the exact cause of your tearing problem.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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