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Wavy horizontal lines post-vitrectomy + redness - do these every resolve?

I had a vitrectomy + scleral buckle 7 1/2 weeks ago to repair a horseshoe tear/detached retina. I am 57 y.o. female with a history of retinoschisis and myopia so this is likely why the issues are present. Last week, the surgeon lasered another area in my "good" eye which he said looked odd and "he couldn't rule out the presence of small tears". I asked him if a preventative vitrectomy would be indicated but he said he could not recommend this. He said I just need to "watch and wait." I am really not wanting to go thought another scleral buckle operation - it was very invasive and my sight went from 20/30 to 20/400. Oh, and now I am getting a cataract in that eye as well.

I am doing alot of reading now about the surgery and trying to process what happened and what may be in store for the future. Every day brings new questions! Here are two for today:

1) I am seeing horizontal lines that "sag" ever so slightly now in the eye that was operated on. This appears to be a new development. I told my surgeon about it and he didn't say much. I have now been reading that this condition is fairly common. Can anyone tell me whether this will just go away at some point?I am concerned now that it may be a sign of re-detachment or other issues that might need to be addressed. The surgeon did an OCT scan at my last check up and says "all looks good" and he is not sure why I am seeing the wavy horizontal lines. Has anyone had this condition that then resolved weeks or months later?

2) My eye is red in the corner where the incisions were made. It looks bloodshot. Will this condition go away? It's only been 7-8 weeks since the vit-buckle surgery at this point. My eye feels "normal" now though - no pain or discomfort except my pupil remains dilated.

Thank you!
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1. Was your retinal detachment "macula on" or "Macula off"?
2. You do not want a prophylactic vitrectomy in the good eye.
3. If your RD was macula off the distortion may be macula pucker/membrane and may be permanent.
4. If your RD was macula on much better prognosis that it will go away and may be due to some fluid on the macula.
5. Next time in ask for a macula OCT and ask your surgeon to interpret it for your.
6. The retina redness lasts for a very long time in many people often 4-6 months or more.
Thank you for your responses. You have no idea how much it means to get information. I think that my surgeon is just too busy to answer detailed questions. I am hoping my regular opthamologist can do the macula OCT next time I have a check up.
Yes but only your retina surgeon can tell you whether your macula was "on" or "off" that's not asking too much.
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Ask your surgeon or ophthalmologist about "cystoid macular edema", the OCT or retinal photos may indicate the condition if present.

I think my pupil stayed dilated for a month or two after I had a vitrectomy in 2015.  The wavy lines (present before the surgery) took about a year to mostly resolve.
Thank you. Macula was on - I checked my medical notes.
That's a good thing. Ask for the macula OCT it can show edema (fluid) or irregular surface. Your surgeon is best able to answer these questions and retina surgery is notoriously difficult to generalize about.
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