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Weak eye muscles

Hi.  I have a question about my son.  He was born with weak eye muscles.  His right eye was fixed.  But the surgery on his left eye (laser) only made the eye worse.  He was 6 years old then.  Now he's 27 years old, living in Boston where he's a associate symphony conductor.  He just got his doctorate in music.  The this is he was visiting recently and his eye is worse.  He doesn't use it anymore and it 'droops'.   He's 6' tall and very handsome.  But I feel terrible that his eye is stopping its function.  He's afraid of going through surgery again because he doctor at Loyola (when he was young) insisted on doing BOTH eyes at the same time.  The problem was that he was literally without sight for many days at six years old.  This left him very scarred emotionally.  He's also started to drive over to the left a little too much.
     Is there a way to fix this eye problem for him that would assure him that it would really work this time.  He's losing his sight and I feel awful about it.    It's been hard to erase this trauma for him, but I was hoping.....I don't know, something.

     Thanks for the site.

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I have good news for you.  There are excellent pediatric ophthalmologists in Boston at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Tufts Medical Center.  I have visited Mass Eye and Ear and it is truly a world-class program.  All he needs to do is schedule an evalation and they can take it fromt there.  I'm sure one of their well qualified pediatric ophthalmologist will be able to help in some way regarding the history of strabismus.  If drooping eyelids still, he can then be referred to an oculoplastic specialist.

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I am 37 and I too had the similar eye issues as your son. I had both eyes "fixed at the same time when I was 4 at Colmumbia Prebyt. hospital in NYC I don't really remember much. My right eye is great however I have almost no vision n my left eye.
I have a medial condition which sent me to Mass General (I am from VT) and they referred me to Mass Ear and Eye. What a great bunch of doctors in there.  They have helped out with great success. I Hope they can help your son.my vision has come back some, not all. they can't answer if it will get worse again or not. I am just taking one day at a time and do things now in case.
good luck
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