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Weird eye flash on movement

Hello I started experiencing a weird "flash" recently and set up an appointment for it on monday but in the meantime im just kind of curious if anyone has any insight on this.

It is a weird flash because I only see it when I move my eyes up and down and I also only see it when looking at a white wall with some lighting. When I close my eyes, I cant see it at all and if I open my eyes but cover them, I still dont see them when I move my eyes. And i think I only really see it in my right eye. I dont think I have any notable floater increase either.

The flash is like a line close to my central vision and it lasts for maybe a millisecond but I can easily just do it again. Almost afterimage like but does not last for long.

I do have anxiety that im trying to work on so im not sure if that contributes at all but when I witnessed this the other night, it sort of freaked me out.
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And when I say some lighting, I guess I mean dim lighting. If the lights are bright, I cant see it at all.
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I am sure Dr. Hagan will be responding shortly.  This sounds very similar to my symptoms I had last year. Mine was diagnosed as a partial vitreous detachment which is a very common thing and in most cases resolves without damaging retina but needs to be monitored.   I won't rehash all my posts but you can feel free to search and see my experience.  Your plan to get in monday is good and I hope its with an eye md (opthalmologist).  In the mean time watch for signs of retina detachment - i.e. onset of millions of floaters, any loss of vision - shadows or feeling like a curtain is coming across you vision.  If you get any of those symptoms, call the Opthalmologist ASAP or go to ER.  Time is of the essence in that case.    Best of luck to you.  
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Just want to clarify - the millions of floaters in my case were like it was raining tiny black dots - ink like.  Also when my retina detached there was no mistaking a "big event" had happened in my eye.  I knew something was definitely wrong.
Thanks, I guess I will find out monday. I am only 28 but I do have -6 myopia so I guess its possible for me to have it so early. I sort of assumed it would be more of a flick phosphene occurrence that I have just started to notice but who knows. I will wait for the doctors opinion but I appreciate you taking the time to comment. And I am very much aware of the Rd symptoms lol I focus way too much on eye issues
If anyone wants an update: saw my opthalmologist and nothing was weird other than some possible early lattice but because of my history, it's probably my anatomy (we thought we had lattice in my left eye, turned out to be a prominent ora serrata/bay? Can't remember exactly but confirmed by a specialist) and this spot looks the same and even in the same location, just in my other eye. So we are just following up in 6 months to see.

Anyways, no PVD or tears/holes, so my "flashes" could just be mechanical forces, not sure. But nothing too scary at least unless anyone thinks I should follow up with a specialist?
Again, I not a Dr, but I would try to move on from here.   Since you have been thoroughly checked out just consider this to be your baseline.  If things change from here before your next appointment get back in to see the MD right away.   Regards, Jim
Moving on is a good idea.  A prominent ora serrata bay is no big deal at all.
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