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Weird feeling/sight? One eye

So the other week my left eye felt sorta dry I guess looks like it felt like my lid was slightly sticking to my eye. Not bad but annoying. Fast forward now that same eye feels just odd like it doesn’t focus as good but not terrible but noticeable for me. Clearly I have anxiety so it’s immediately eye cancer or a brain tumor. Eye visit in a few weeks. Any ideas ? It doesn’t look like anything is wrong. I thought allergies. I tried drops and Claritin not better  
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Not at all likely to be eye cancer or brain tumor.  Call the clinic and ask if they have any cancellations to call you so you can get in sooner and get some reassurance.
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Thank you I will call to be put on a cancellation list. I hate having anxiety :-) thank you
Hopefully you are under the care of a psychiatrist or psychologist who can help with the anxiety
I am. Took years I honestly had it for about 15 years before I got it treated. It’s still bad but not as bad I use to physically feel the anxiety now it’s only the overactive mind and overly in tuned to my body
Best of luck.  Consider reading Feel Better Fast   Daniel Amen, MD
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