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Weird vision when waking up

After I woke up I went to the kitchen to have a glass of water, I bent down, when I got up my vision started to appear millions of green bright spots, it became blurred and a big circle appeared that was filled with a green light,the brightness overwhelmed my vision then I got a little dizzy, it was scary, after the problem ended, the circle stayed like an afterimage for a few minutes
I am 27 years old, I am scared this willd happen again
I got small green dots sometimes when I get up, but this time was extremely.
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I never presume to know what another doctor is thinking or not thinking. You were owed an explanation of the findings. There should be a plus + or minus- in frong of your glasses RX. That prescription has NO astigmatism at all and is virtually the same.   Astigmatism is a second number with plus or minus and an axis in degrees.  So I would call Monday and confirm no health problems.
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I forgot to add the "minus" for myopia

Here the numbers


RE  -2.50 Cylinder  -0.50 Axis 170
LE -2.75  Cylinder    -1.00 Axis 175


RE  -2.50  Cylinder -1.00 Axis  1
LE  -2.50  Cylinder  -1.25  Axis 1

Before 2017 I was like -1.50  then went -2.50

Monday I will try to call him
Thanks .
Not a lot of change, not a lot of astigmatism
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This can be a sign of orthostatic hypotension (please read about).  It can occur due to heart/blood vessel disease but also can occur in young healthy people with slow pulses or low blood pressure. If it occurs again you might see your personal physician to discuss and check heart, BP and pulse.
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Thanks, Dr. Hagan
Im also feeling very weaker these days, im fighting this infection, I have lost weight, I will start to get treated next week

But I have one more question, yesterday when I did the eye exam, he dilated my pupils, used slit lamp,  checked refraction, ordered me to see some balloons in a machine....  in the end he didn't mentioned nothing if my eyes health is good, he only gave me the glasses diopters in a paper, I also forget to ask him if my eues are all good, because I was focused in the problem I already described.  
When a doctor say nothing is a sign my eues are good?
He only mentioned "your diopters didn't changed too much"  I saw the results in fact my left eyes diopyers decreased , it's been like three years I dindt visited an ophthalmologist,  last visit the Guyused lots more of instruments.
Three years ago I was 2.50 re, 2.75 left
Now  2.50 each eye
Only astigmatism increased a bit
But he didn't mentioned eye health , retina is in good shape

But he didn't mentioned eye health , or if retina is in good shape

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I went to the ophthalmologist, I mentioned to him but he seemed not concerned
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