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What are these seemingly random streaks of light in my vision?

I noticed the other day when sitting outside in the sun that if I squint my eyes I will see countless randomly moving streaks of light. They seem to be behind my eye floaters and definitely not related. I do suffer from occular migraines but this has been recurring for a few days now (that I have noticed). I also have a small level of visual snow so I wonder if it is related to that. I had a recent eye exam with an opthomologist and everything was fine but I did not mention this. It is very bizzare and a bit nerve racking. It is hard to notice unless I am specifically looking for it. Essentially, I want to know what it is?
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After extensive research I’ve discovered they are called entoptic phenomenons or specifically, blue field entoptic phenomenons. There is a scientific explanation behind why they exist and it has to do with white blood cells moving through capillaries in your eyes. I thought I would follow up on my own question in case anyone else discovers the same obsurity. They are relatively normal and most people can see them if they focus hard enough.
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That should put your mind at rest
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I don't think it's possible to tell you for certain with that history.  If you have had a normal eye exam by ophthalmologist and only happens squinting in the sun I would not worry unless something new or different develops.  
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