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What can I do to help improve/preserve my vision?

I am 15 and I went to the eye doctor 5 months ago and found out that my left eye was -2.75 and my right eye was -3.00. Now, I think it has gotten worse. I want to know what I can do to help my eyes get better, if it's possible, or slow down the whole "receding" of my vision while growing old.

I have contact lenses, which I only wear on schooldays since I have soccer practice every weekday. I try to take them out right when I get home. Should I be wearing my glasses more often or wear nothing at all? I also use eye drops. Do they do anything to my eyes?

I also had my "stupid" phase (2 years) where I was completely addicted to computer games and I used to see very well but the computer really did something to my eyes. Should I stay away from my iPod touch? Will it kill my vision like the computer did?

What can I eat to make my eyes better? Any exercised?
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Hi ,
Lex , No worry , its all natural, your power will be stablized once you reach 18yrs ,
if you have cosmetic problem , or tired by wearing glass you can have lasik( glass free and contact lens free) procedure done but you need to be more than 19yrs . still that time you need to wait ,
And reagrding about the useage of computer no need to be worry , keep the pc and i pod at 45 degree  viewing angle ( which means on your lap while sitting ) and remember to blink your eye atleast 10 sec once , these will solve your eye strain due to computer , to maintain helathy eye , ( take food contains Carotiniods like carrot ) omega 3 fatty acid in fish , which will help your eye ( vitamin A rich food )

Consult your ophthalmologist for future more details , feel free to reply.
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Thanks for the reply!
Is it better to wear my glasses or nothing at all?
Do eye exercises work?
And, do you mean that my vision will heal back when I turn 18?
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Wear your glasses. Eye exercises don't work. Your myopia will not go away. It does not always stop at age 18 (for instance I did not become myopic till age 23).

Your eye is myopic because its growing longer.  Think of it as your height growing. There is nothing you can do to stop growing at a certain height.

When your RX stablizes if you don't like glasses or contacts you can have lasik laser surgery.

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What about eating those stuff mentioned above? Do they help at all?
Do you mean that my eyes can only get worse when I'm 18 or so?
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Just relax ,
You dont have any problem, The stuff which was mention above me was normal diet , which is good for eyes thats all nothing doing with to reduce your myopic.
it depends but no need to be panic , you will be fine
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