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What can cause multicolored spots in vision?

I’ve been seeing all kinds of colored spots in my vision and flashes. It’s been atleast a year. I’ve seen several different kind of eye doctors and they say everything is fine. They appear for a few seconds and go away.
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Problem is there are many possible causes of flashes and spots.  When you say you have seen different types of eye doctors that should include a comprehensive Eye MD ophthalmologist and a Eye MD retina/vitreous specialist.  If you have seen both and nothing serious found its not likely serious.  A reasonable approach would be to see if anything new develops or if present symptoms get a  lot worse. If so then you might see an Eye MD neuro-ophthalmologist.
I started off with an optometrist, then was sent to a ophthalmologist, then was sent to a neuro-ophthalmologist,and now I’m seeing a neurologist. We did an EEG and no seizure activity was seen. Now we are going to do an MRI. I’ve seen black spots with fire recently and my vision went blue. I space out a lot and can’t focus. I forget a lot as well.
A neurologist is a good place for you to be now. Best of luck with both diagnosis and treatment. I'm assuming you don't do narcotics/opioids/cannabis/hash/meth and the other mind altering toxins so many people marinade themselves in.
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No sir I do not. I hope they can find out what is wrong because it’s very troubling to see them all the time.
If it were easy you would have an answer with the first exam. Your only recourse is to pursue the work-up with your neurologist. Many problems are obscure, difficult to diagnose and sometimes only able to diagnose after time has passed and other symptoms and signs have developed.
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Thank you so much
You are welcome and best of luck. Discuss your fears and questions and concerns with your neurologist. If necessary make a list to ask before you go in to see her/him.  
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