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What could cause light streaks when blinking?

I'm a 18 years old woman who have myopia (-2,75 in the left one, 2,50 in the right) and I see light streaks that stream downward everytime I'm blinking or when my eyelid are hanging low since 2 month ago. If I push my eyelid up they dissappear completely even when I'm squinting.
They get worse at night but I still see them in the daytime.
I tried preservative free drops for one month and they did nothing, however just after putting them I do noticed that the light streaks were brighter because my eyes were watery.
I had a dilated eye exam but my ophthalmologist saw nothing concerning.
After the exam, my pupil couldn't constrict for 6 hours so i noticed that the light streaks were now much brighter and longer and they didn't come with every blink but all the time even when I opened my eyes wide which normally eliminate them.
I thought for sure the cause was because of a cornea problem but I just did a topography by a specialist and he said my cornea was perfect, no anomalies whatsoever.
So would the next logical step would be visiting a neuro - ophthalmologist or should I try something else?
I also have ghosting, starburst and photophobia .
I never had any surgeries for my eyes.
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These type of posts usually come from high anxiety individuals who are focusing their anxiety on their eyes and vision. read the section in wikepedia on 'entoptic phenomena'    hyperawareness of this would be the most common cause.  "pressure phosphenes'    You likely will need to get a second opinion about your eyes to allay some of your anxiety.
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I find that hard to believe all of this come from my anxiety, especially when, apart from this annoying problem, it's at a all time low.
I will follow up with the doctor who did my topography who seem deeply concerned by my problem and want me to come next month, thought he himself is unsure of what could he do for me, and that is why I posted this.
Nonetheless, I thank you for your swift response.
Good luck
I am 28 years old. I have the same problem when blinking. The streaks disappear if I open my eyes or lift my eyelashes/eyelid. It has nothing to do with anxiety.
I hate this so much. I cant drive at night anymore because of this.
I went to eyedoctors many time, but they can not help me.

Did you ever find out why this happen? Do you still have it?
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Hey same goes with me I blinked very much and started seeing rainbow lines and ya from past 1 week I am worried about my eyes but yesterday I had a checkup doctor said everything is fine maybe I think its anxiety so if we stop caring about then it will not be visible right ? How's your eye now its fine ?
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