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What exactly is an eye md, are they different than an optomologist?

My husband has just had a eye exam and new glasses were perscribed.  After getting them his vision has not improved.  His vision is very blurry, not crisp is the way he describes it.  He has the beginnings of cataracts but the doctor stated that they were not ready for surgery.  That's why I asked the question about an eye md.  Is there another specialist I should see before considering cateract surgery.
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An EyeMD is an ophthalmologist, a medical doctor that specializes in medical and surgical treatment of eye diseases.  I am an ophthalmologist and I first got a 4 year college bachelors degree, then 4 years of grueling medical school, then a 1 year internship at the hospital (like on Gray's Anatomy), then a 3 year ophthalmology residency (at a training hospital again) where I really learned medical eye treatments and eye surgery like cataract surgery and laser surgery.  I was able to enter private practice when I was 30.  For your cataract surgery you should see a board-certified ophthalmologist that is an experienced cataract surgeon.  There is not really a subspecialty for cataract surgery as it is generally done by comprehensive ophthalmologists.

Michael Kutryb, MD
Kutryb Eye Institute
Titusville Edgewater, FL
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