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What happens when astigmatism is treated with increasing the diopres?

When I was a child (12 year old +) I got prescription glasses by reading the Snellen chart only, no automated keratometry. He measured the degree of astigmatism with a ruler (kind of device) manually.
I worry about the following:
- Does increasing the dioptres result in a sharper image when the problem is with astigmatism?
- If astigmatism is tried to be corrected with increasing dioptres, will the eye's axial length increase to adjust to the strong glasses (in case of a teenager)?
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A refraction (glasses test) can be done using an automated instrument or manually.  (the former called objective refraction, the latter called subjective).   In a cooperative patient rarely does an Eye MD or OD give the machine created without doing a subjective test.   Lens powers including astigmatism are measured in diopters.   Lens for astigmatism have diopters that only work in one direction (aspherical or astigmatic) not 360 degrees (spherical).   Glasses don't affect the axial length is adults/teenagers.  Besides astigmatism is not determined by axial length; myopia and hyperopia are. Astigmatism comes from an aspherical cornea or natural lens inside eye or both.
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