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What is 20/40 Vision Like

What is it like to have 20/40ish eye sight? I understand that with an uncorrected visual acuity any worse than 20/40, you can't legally drive without using glasses or something of the sort. But what would that look like? My vision is so poor I really have no understanding of what sort of blur or partial clarity would be present. Do you know where I could see a visual representation of what it looks like to see with 20/40 vision?

Thanks so much.
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You are correct that in some states 20/40 vision is required for a driver's license, but qualifications for driving vary widely from state to state. Maryland has done a lot of research on its older drivers and those with low vision and they found that drivers with 20/70 vision were no more likely to cause crashes than drivers with 20/40 vision, so they now require 20/70.  20/40 vision is actually not very blurry. It's the 4th smallest line on most eye charts. Someone with 20/40 acuity would have to stand at 20 feet to see what a person  with excellent vision would be able to see from 40 feet. Up close, with reading glasses if they're old enough to need them, most people with 20/40 vision can read a newspaper, for example. I don't know of place where you can find an example, but I'll think about it. L. Mogk MD
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