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What is a good replacement for the Silver 07 contact lens?

A number of years ago, I was an everyday wearer of contact lenses. I struggled initially (through about 4-5 different types), before finally settlling on a brand called "Edge III" -- and I worse those for years. Eventually Edge III was discontinued and - through some research - I learned the formula was being used in a a CooperVision lens, called "Silver 07." I switched to those and wore them for a number of years. (both of these were "vial" lenses).

About 5-6 years ago, daily wear vial lenses were functionally eliminated. I tried some recommendations from my doctor; but none of the other lenses seemed to fit well. I've been wearing my glasses, pretty much non-stop, for the past few years. My glasses are large (my prescription was a -8 in contacts (although a -7 now), which is another reason I enjoyed contacts.

I tried Acuvue, but had no luck with those. I'm wearing Biofinity now - and they're *okay* - but not as comfortable as the Silver 07 lenses were. Part of that - no doubt - is the fact that, now (even with contacts), I'll need reading glasses (I'm 49 y/o); and I sorely miss being able to seamlessly move focus from distance to my computer screen (which I still can do with my glasses, of course).

But, since I'd been prescribed Silver 07 due to "fit* - I'm wondering if there is a good lens that compares in terms of comfort and fit?
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The problem is not a 'magic' contact lens but that over time many to most people lose the ability to wear contact lens.  Your eyes are not what they were when you were 20.  With time the eye becomes dryer (especially in women after 40), more sensitive, you have the problems of presbyopia and need different prescriptions for distance and near. the contact lens industry has found that about 85% of people that wore contacts in 20/30's have stopped by 50.  Most likely you will need to make your peace with glasses or have LASIK/PPK/SMILE procedure and wear reading glasses or adjust for near and wear distance glasses.
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I've been told LASIK wouldn't really help me .... I am 49, as I mentioned. I'm *shocked* that 85% don't wear lenses any longer.

Now though - the fact that I was given the Edge III/Silver 07 after not being able to wear other lenses, makes me think - in part, at least - there was something about those lenses that worked better with my eyes.

I tried the Acuvue - they didn't fit well. The Biofinity fit a little better (but still not great - not by a long-shot). I'm just mostly curious what other lenses might be available that are super, super thin (and porous).

I guess the worst case would be I use the Biofinity just for playing athletics; and use glasses the rest of the time -- I'd just like to ensure that I'm not missing something obvious, before I settle on that, ultimately :(
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Look at figure 1 in this reference;    https://www.reviewofoptometry.com/article/priorities-for-presbyopes-maintain-comfort-and-continuity
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That is really interesting - because, it seems, the journal is suggesting that there are enough innovations present in contact lens manufacturing that the drop off in wearers doesn't need to be sustained.

I definitely was a daily wearer for years, but - as I mentioned - even at 21/22/23 years of age, I had a very difficult time fitting into lenses. The early ones I wore led to GPC; and I was convinced I'd never find a lens. Then, I got introduced to the Edge III lenses - and they were a godsend.

Eventually, those lenses were discontinued; I actually called CooperVision and spoke to someone in formulary to verify that the Silver 07 *was* - in fact - the same lens (and it was) and I happily wore that again.

The issue here is - of course - I'm aware that my current doctor (who works for a Davis VisionWorks) is more likely to recommend a trial of a lens they have in-stock; one that a representative has come by and dropped off. That certainly doesn't mean those lenses are the best -- nor does it make them the best for someone like me (that had an issue originally; but eventually, thrived with the right lens).

I do realize the likelihood that I'll ever be able to go from seeing a road sign and immediately look down to see a text on my phone is nearly nil. But, as I've mentioned, even the BioFinity is far less comfortable than the Silver 07 was, on my eye. I do have reading glasses now - so, I *can* use those as needed; but I just want to ensure I've tried out the various lenses that are available, most especially for someone like me (who can be challenging to "fit").

Now you are informed. Best of luck.
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