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What is expected range of vision with monofocal set to distance?

I am nearsighted, -4.5 in both eyes, with 2.5 add.  When would I lose my closer vision?  at 3 ft, 5 ft?  I know everyone eyes are different, but a range would be very helpful.
Thank you
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Yeah it varies with each person, but for me my right eye with monofocal IOL set for distance I can see in focus from about 4feet and beyond.  I need about +1D glasses for computer vision at 2-3 feet from monitor and +2.25D glasses for closer reading for reference.
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That is exceptionally good. I would suspect NHG is younger, has a smaller more active pupil
I turn age 65 in July.  My pupils maybe typically about 6mm max in low light
Thanks for the responses.  They are most appreciated.

NHG, were you nearsighted?  Most of the people I spoke with who see about 3 ft with two distance set monofocals had good eyesight prior to cataract surgery.   I haven't found many moderately or severely nearsighted people to ask, or if they are who know their Rx.  
Before my right eye was affected with the cataract, it was only slightly nearsighted about -0.75D but a lot of astigmatism 2.75D cylinder so I went for a Tecnis toric monofocal set for distance focus in that eye.  Prior to the surgery, the cataract made the eye a lot more nearsighted almost -2D.
Its been 4 years since I had cataract surgery in Austria and chose Tecnis Symfony Toric. I was highly myopic  -12.5D, I recall with 2.75D of astigmatism. My non dominant eye was to be “under corrected” with micro monovision -.5D, (I seem to recall) while dominant eye was corrected for distance. To answer your question, I can read print in this post on my ipad at about 10-12 inches.  I have some residual astigmatism which has left me with some “ghosting” (if thats the correct term) but it doesnt bother me (given how much better I see now after IOL implants). It could be corrected with 1.0D prescription glasses but I havent found it necessary. Maybe eventually for driving. I often ponder whether the residual astigmatism is due to slightly “off” placement of the toric IOLs, or due to movement of the IOLs as normal “scarring” occurs. Whatever the reason, I am extremely pleased with my choice of IOLs and hope this comment provides some help to you
I'm only one day out from my second cataract surgery so maybe it's too soon to comment but I will share my experience up to this point.  I was very myopic (-10.25). My first surgery was five weeks ago on my non-dominate right eye. We chose to under correct by -1.0 D which gave me excellent mid-range  vision from about 18" to around 5 feet.  I didn't realize how important the mid-range is for most of what I do throughout a normal day. Beyond that range, I had a functional distance vision but not a lot of clarity.  Yesterday I had surgery on my left eye and we targeted it for better distance but still a bit under uncorrected.  I am hoping nothing changes during healing because I am thrilled with my results.  At this point, the mini monovision has given me the best of both ranges...distance and intermmediate.  I do need readers for close work.  Both lenses are Tecnis toric monofocals.  I hope this is helpful.
It is too early to generalize.   Post your experience in about 6 weeks. Thanks and good luck.
Yes, sorry!  I understand that changes may occur during the healing process but I am feeling hopeful and so grateful going from where I started to where I am now.  I will update in 6 weeks.  
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Can't give you a range. Depends on many things such as pupil size, and mobility.
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