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What is going on with my vision? Seeing rainbow halos, and others thing.

Hi, I’m 15 years old and started seeing rainbow halos around bright white light. So 2 years ago, I suddenly got floaters which look like specks or cobweb and blurred vision after a week wearing my first glasses. I got used to it but 3-4 weeks ago, I’m starting to see purple dots of flashes of light or sometimes it’s white dots of flashes of light with an sudden increase of floaters and rainbow halos around bright white lights. I’ve went to my regular eye exam 6 days ago and I have told the doctor what I’ve been experiencing. She uses indirect ophthalmoscopy and after she check my eye, she said it’s healthy so I don’t know what is going on. She said seeing rainbow is normal but why would I suddenly got it when I never experienced before?. She also said my flashes of light could be because of headaches because I do headaches on the right side of my head and I won’t feel it unless I focused on it or it intensify when I exhaust myself. That could explain the flash of light  but why the increase of floaters and rainbow around halos?
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I don't have an explanation for your symptoms. You might want to consult a second eye doctor that should be an Eye MD ophthalmologist.
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