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What is ideal reading glasses people after cataract surgery

I am 45 year old female, and I had a cataract surgery done in my right eye about 4 yars ago.  Before the surgery, I was myopic on both eye and never wore any glasses in my entire life.  During the surgery, the monofocal hyperopic lenz was installed.  As a result of surgery, I am myopic in my left eye and hyperopic in my right eye.  For daily functioning, I am OK without the glasses.  But, when I read the book, I need the reading glasses if I need to read more than 15 minutes.  So I have my reading glasses.  

But, after losing my reading glasses , I went to the optometrist and used a newly prescribed reading glasses ( the optometrist who gave me the original reading prescription moved to somewhere else ) by new optometrist.   The problem is that this new reading glasses is givng me eye strain, and headache on both temple area and eventually back of the head.  First, I thought I had a brain tumor or like kind.   But, I realize that only time I have a eye strain and headache is when I wear glasses.
I went back to the optometrist. Optometrist did the eye exam again and said she did not know what went wrong.  Finally the optometrist told me to take a break every hour or so  to give the eye less strain.  So I tried that .  But, I still have the headache about 30 minutes after wearing the rading glasses.    

1) Is there a difference between reading glasses for people who has a monofocal artificial lenz on one eye and people without my condition? Am I supposed to wear the same reading glasses as other people without cataract surgery wear ?
2) I wish three was some optometrist specializing in people who had a cataract surgery.  Is there such optometrist?
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Thanks for answering those mysteries that have been bugging me all these years since the cataract surgery.
I did not expect to hear from real M.D.  Again, thanks so much!
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1. No.  answer b  they are ground the same.
2. People that have had cataract surgery are not that much different from those that still have their own lens. No need for that degree of specialization.  

Try seeing a Eye MD physician ophthalmologist. Find one at www.aao.org

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