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What is your experience with Internet Glasses?

I'm interested in opinions from people that have bought glasses over the internet.  The prices are appealing. However the only ones we see are people that are unhappy with them that bring them back in and are unhappy with their $35 glasses from China.  On our end what we see are 1. incorrect prescription.  2. optical center not aligned over the pupil  3. reading segments on multifocals too high or low  4. poor optical quality lens and coatings.  5. Lens tipped to far forward (pantoscoptic tilt) or too curved (lens wrap) or not fitting face/ears/nose. What has your experience been?
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I've had good results with the cheap online eyeglasses for simple single focus Rx types like for a computer reading pair or distance only with tint for Rx sunglasses. But the cheaper sites progressive pairs were low quality compared to from a local optometrist and whatever lab they used.  I did last year order a better quality progressive pair from a more upscale online site (eyeglasses.com) that uses a good lab and can set the segment height properly, that pair works well for me, with kinda in between price between the cheap online sites vs a local optometrist.
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Oops, the good progressive pair I bought last year wasn't from eyeglasses.com it was from FramesDirect.com which uses a USA lab near them in Texas i believe.
They claim: "As a company founded by doctors, FramesDirect.com sells nothing but the absolute best lenses available on the market today. The Essilor digital progressive lens delivers effortless vision in a full back-sided, digitally surfaced lens design"
Thats what interested me to trying them after the poor quality from the China-made cheaper progressive pairs I tried first.
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Thanks for sharing your experience.
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