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What kind of vision will I have after the cataract surgery?

I am 69 years old. I have cataract surgery coming up in less than two weeks. I have chosen to have mini monovision. I am left eye dominant which also has astigmatism, so Dr. Says he would use Toric IOL in that eye with 20/25 vision aim for -0.25D. he will set this eye for distance and will do after he does right eye
Cataract surgery will be done on Right eye  in two weeks with Alcons aspheric IOL SN60WF. He will do this eye with 20/40 vision aiming for -1.25D for near and intermediate vision.
I will wear glasses for small prints, but otherwise I do not like to wear glasses or contacts and I do not want premium IOLS
I would appreciate if the doctors and members of medhelp community will take some time out of their busy holiday schedule to respond to my following questions as soon as possible.
1. What kind of vision should I expect after the cataract surgery?
2. How many weeks apart both eyes are done? What do u do between the two surgeries and do you feel unbalanced?
3. Will my post op. vision give me independence from the glasses to do make up, house chores, cook, cut veges, see car dashboard, see clock when I get up in the morning, grocery shopping?
Any other suggestions are very welcome
I really thank you all the answers and suggestions
Confused Kate
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Monovision is very hard to predict.  I usually do it in patients who had monovision.  Use contact lens to balance the two eyes between surgeries. 3) Can not predict for most.  However, for shopping it will be a problem.  You will have to get up close to see prices and this is very difficult going down the aisles (personal experience)

My preference for patient wanting to decrease dependence on glasses is Crystalens or the Toric version of Crystalens-Trulign.

Dr. O.
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Dr O,
If the out-of-pocket costs were not a factor, would you recommend Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery for the Trulign or Crystalens IOLs?
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Dr. Oyakawa
Thank you very much for your prompt response. With mini monovision, if shopping is a problem, what would u suggest besides premium IOL. can Contact lens help?
I do wearing multifocal contact lenses when I go to weddings and parties.
I wear multifocal glasses when I drive and go shopping. I do not need glasses for computer and reading until now. I do not like glasses.
Can my surgeon do anything to improve shopping experience?
Again thank you very much
Confused kate
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Shopping is not a problem with mini-monovision. Almost all of my patients with the AT50AO or Truling do not wear glasses for distance or computers.  About 50% for extended reading with inexpensive readers.

Regarding Femto Assisted Cataract Surgery--see someone who has done a fair number.  I use the Catalys for the Crystalens and Trulign.  Our center also has the Lensx and most surgeon use the Catalys.

Dr. O.
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Dr. Oyakawa
Thank you very much
I respect your opinion. I have read on this forum about many unhappy patients who had any kind of premium IOL. I am not for it because of the price and all the side effects it causes. Regarding shopping u did mention that it will be difficult going up and down the isle to see the prices. How close do I have to get to check the prices? I do go shopping three to four times in a week.
Is it normal that my Dr. Wants to do my non dominant for intermediate/ near first and then do dominant eye for distant later on. I read on this form that Dr. Always does dominant eye for distant first. Is there a particular reason why my Dr. Wants to do this way.
I worry about what kind of vision will I have after both eyes are done. This kind of worry sometimes keep me up at night
If any one out there has any input for me, I would appreciate it very much

Again thank you very much,
Confused Kate

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I would think he would want to do the dominant eye first, because if the target of 20/20 isn't hit then they may not want to do any form of monovision...it's important to get the dominant right on target for it to work the best...

I have mini-monovision (i am plano or 20/20 in dominant eye and about 20/40 in my non dominant eye with about -1.0 diopters) i have no problem doing shopping...if i want to read the label on the can i do have to hold it a bit further back but can read it without readers...i don't carry readers around with me at all..mostly use them for extended reading....light reading i can manage without them...

Computer is no problem...combined distanced vision is about 20/30...not always razor sharp but quite good...I also have a pair of glasses to correct the -1.0 diopters in my non dominant eye for ultra sharp vision but rarely use them...
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