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What may be the cause of this?, am I going blind?

A month ago I started seeing fixed bright white spots in the center of my sight of the right eye but only when I go outside and its shiny, I cannot drive anymore on daylight and Im afraid or crossing the streets, etc. I tried to make an image of it, I wonder what are the different illness that may cause this symptom.

- Spots are fixed.

- They are bright or white bright like the afterimage of small bulbs

- I see them on bright surfaces  like the sky, a white car or an iluminated window

- If I rub or press my eyes they get bigger, more intense, last longer

- I only see them after I blink

- Only on right eye

- They are always on the same position but size may vary depending on intensity

- Two fundus exams on august didn't find any problem but they were before this symptom appared.

I read a long post about those with a bright spot on this site but this seems another thing.

It looks like:

Thanks in advance, I'm 40 yo and deeply worried.

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Having two exams BEFORE your symptoms developed are not at all useful and you need to see an Eye MD ophthalmologist. You will need some special tests including macular OCT and dilation of the pupils. The problem can be due to cornea, lens, macular problems.  Google AMSLER GRID TEST. Read about the test and how to take it yourself.  Print out an amsler grid and test each individually when you see them. Sketch out what you see on the grid and take it in to see the ophthalmologist.
Update. I did OCT, FRG, they didnt show anything, I have three fixed big spots on left eye from two years ago, two new spots on the right eye from a few months ago that look like schotomas and bright spots on the middle when I see iluminated environments. Neuro doesnt think is the optic never but told me it could be Azoor.
Use the search feature and archives to read about Azoor. Lots of discussions. Plus this is a good link to reference:  https://www.aao.org/bcscsnippetdetail.aspx?id=6453b6c8-39ac-44ec-8fc9-bf21b099d0a0
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