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What to do to reduce dilated pupil

Hello Dr, apart from staying away from bright areas and light what other things should one do to help constrict dilated pupil? Thanks in advance.
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No, there are drops called 'miotics' (pilocarpine is the main one) that constrict the pupil but they are often painful, can cause inflammation in the eye or retinal detachment.  Mainly its letting more time go by.  Now an eye that had direct trauma (hit with fist or soccer ball) can have damage to the muscle that makes the pupil get smaller and the pupil can be permanently dilated, that is called traumatic iridoplegia. There are numerous posts on that. But yours came on with inflammation.
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Thank you Dr for your swift reply. Nothing hit on my eye or entered there just an inflammation. Therefore, would you advice 'miotics' or give it sometime for the system to contrict it itself?
It needs to recover on its own at least 8 weeks before you know where it is after the atropine has worn off
Wow 8 weeks!!! Okay I will defo do as you adviced because my eye technician has said something like using a drop if it doesn't constrict back to normal in a week which of course I wasn't comfortable about. Now I have my tears (hypromellose) that I haven't used for almost a week now. Can I continue using it 3x a day and the ointment 'maxidrol' once at nice? Thanks
The tears you can use as often as you like. The maxidrol has a steroid in it and I can't advise you on that. I've told you all I can. I'm signing off. Maybe in a month come back and post and let us know how you are doing.
Thank you doctor for your time. I will surely do as you said. See you!
See you 2
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