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When will this EKC ENd (if ever)

I believe I have had the worst case on record EKC from a cat.  wife cleaned the bite, saw local doctor, start antibiotics for cat stack fever, left eye turned red with in a hour.

regular doctor for cat bite and got meds (left eye red)

downtown to hospital both eyes are red and in pain. (they say CSF) no way from a cat

Friday: Hospital i am in severe pain both eyes are swollen shut and only see fingers.

I beg my wife to take me to the hospital again and this time i am not leaving.  this is the worst pain i have ever in courted in my life.  as we head out the door i stop and tell my wife lets wait? in 7 hours the eye doctors downtown open up, lets try to see a eye specialist. so we wait

Monday: early morning we got an appointment downtown standby in office.  we get there on the 27 floor in am in the waiting room and my wife says OMG both eyes are bleeding down your face.

Results: doctor its EKC and you have no skin on both your corneas of your eyes.  eye site 20-80.  checks wife you have it too. grandchild gets EKC.  locked in our bed room for 1.5 months   sleep Apnea and realized that the breathing machine was keeping our eyes infected.  we stopped using our machines for over a month.  no sleep it was bad.  

Its been 6 moths:
For me: The virus start my recessive gens for rheumatoid arthritis, out of 10 fingers only 2 only them are normal the rest have become crooked and swollen at the knuckles. it has changed my taste buds, i still break out in sweets, eye site comes and goes, drainage in both eye still

My wife:
liver got swollen, still can't put in here contacts,  i still break out in sweets, eye site comes and goes, drainage in both eye still. has had severe nose and ear infections.

We have not been healthy since we got EKC.  Is there any specialist we can see just for EKC.  we have had enough

thank you

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EKC is an adenoviral infection of the conjunctiva.  It can cause subepithelial infiltrates in the cornea (white blood cells under the surface layer of the front, clear part of the eye).  These can persist for years, but do seem to resolve with steroid eye drops.  If you are on steroid drops, your eyes need to be monitored closely, because prolonged topical steroids can cause cataracts and glaucoma.  I am not aware that EKC can cause the systemic problems which you and your wife are experiencing.  You should be under the care of a good rheumatologist for the arthritis, and you need periodic follow-up with your ophthalmologist.  Your wife should see a gastroenterologist who specializes in liver disease.
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