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Where is this six second rhythm coming from?

I am curious about a rhythm that I can see. Where is it coming from?
Sitting relaxed for about ten minutes, eyes closed, yet looking at the "red noise" of the back of my eye lids I was conscious of a sudden brightness that kept repeating. I counted six second intervals with the flare lasting about half a second. The flare seemed to be composed of an array of light spots across part of my "vision" that moved slightly downward. I have been able to find nothing about such a rhythm occuring in eyes or brain. I have been conscious of this now for about ten years. It does not interfer with normal vision. Has anyone else experienced this?
It reminds me of that subconscious switching rhythm that happens when you look at the trick image of "duck or rabbit". Every few seconds you see the image in its duck or rabbit configuration.
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There are hundreds of neuroresearchers that are doing brain rythm research. You can find tons of stuff on the internet
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Since you've had it 10 years and it hasn't lead to anything serious unless something changes I would not worry about it. Probably an awareness of entopic phenomena.
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Thank you for replying to my observation. I am not worried about it, just curious; and it is not any of the entopic phenomina listed in Wikipedia!
I have seen most of those.
It appears to me to be much more like a pulse of stimulation coming from the brain perhaps stimulating part of the retina after a long spell of inactivity, when my eyes have been closed for some time. The array of lights that I describe are close together like a honeycomb of cells. It is the six second rhythm that makes it more likely to be coming from the brain but I have not discovered anyone who has noticed this before.
Do you know anyone who is researching rhythms in the brain?
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