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White pupils in photos of 6wk old

In some of the photos we took yesterday of our 6 week old, I noticed that in the vast majority, both his pupils are white.  Naturally after spending some time searching the internet last night, I completely freaked myself out and I'll be bringing him to the GP.  We are due to see the GP anyway on the 8th Jan.  My DH and I spent today taking more photos and all photos showed the normal red eye so now we're wondering if it was caused by lighting?  We'll do the same again tomorrow, and assuming there is no further sign of white pupils, we're now thinking that it is o.k. to wait 'till the 8th. If however, anyone has experience of this situation and could advise, we'd really appreciate it
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Harder to tell with newborns as they don't look at the camera which is really the best angle to determine a white reflex that is pathologic.  The angle of the picture could do that even in normal children.  Just make sure your pediatrician feels comfortable examining the baby for a good red reflex and if not, have him refer you to a pediatric ophthalmologist to be sure all is normal.

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