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White spots and other problems

Hello there! Today I was doing EEG of my brain today, I was lying on the stretcher and when i was looking at the ceiling i could see a white spot with eye movement in my right eye, it is not floaters.
The room is all white , I can see those spots in white walls, rooms.  I always go to ophtalmologist, three months ago the EYE guy didnt mentioned anything wrong with my vision, but everytime I see this my subconscious bugs me out.
When I wasd doing the test, the woman said to me to close my eyes then after seconds My whole vision with eyes closed started to go "purple" or "green" like a sky effect of aurora bureau  It was a torture to stay with my eyes closed, it was supposed to see all darkness or a shade f red but i was seeing faint lights.
Also there is a "problem"  everytime I close my eyes i see flashes of lights,  it only happens when Im in a well lit room or natural light, this one happens since 2014 but all of a sudden I started to being concerned about this.
The last visit the ophtalmologist was checking my eye then I closed my eyes and I saw flashes,  these flashes are weird, they fade in seconds, I can perceive when going from a well lit room to a dark place, sometimes it catches my nose area.
I would like someone to invent a pill or something to forget all this, sometimes I think Im going crazy
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You should discuss this with your ophthalmologist. The most common thing that would cause this is "entoptic phenomena" read the section on Wikipedia about it.
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