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Why are my New glasses are uncomfortable when using computer?

I got new glasses about a month or so ago & I'm finding that I'm not feeling comfortable when I'm using a computer. I feel that when I'm reading text that's of a normal size (emails, etc) I'm finding it hard to focus on what I'm reading and it doesn’t feel comfortable.

It's not blurry, but at first I noticed that if I tilted my head a little back the text was sharper, not just on the computer, but anytime I looked around and read text.

I went back and let the optician know about this. I got the glasses back over a week ago and was told they had made some adjustments, and I think that issue is a little better. But I still feel a bit uncomfortable. I can see fine when I'm reading close up (books etc.), but when I’m on the computer I don’t feel as comfortable.

I also feel when I close my right eye when wearing the glasses, my vision in my left eye is not as good as when I close my left eye and look out of my right. I’m not sure if this is normal or related to my issue.

This is my current Rx - R: SPH: +5.50 CYL: -3.00 AXIS: 135 L: SPH: +5.75 CYL: -3.50 AXIS: 41

These are some of my previous Rx -

2009: R: SPH: +5.50 CYL: -2.50 AXIS: 140 L: SPH: +5.75 CYL: -2.75 AXIS: 42

2012: R: SPH: +5.50 CYL: -3.00 AXIS: 140 L: SPH: +6.00 CYL: -2.75 AXIS: 40

]2014: R: SPH: +5.50 CYL: -3.00 AXIS: 138 L: SPH: +6.00 CYL: -3.00 AXIS: 41

2016: R: SPH: +5.50 CYL: -3.00 AXIS: 140 L: SPH: +6.00 CYL: -3.00 AXIS: 40

Is there anything that could be the reason for what I'm experiencing by looking at my Rx's?
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What is your age?
So your glasses are a nightmare to wear and to prescribe and to fit.  You will never be entirely happy with them. You are farsighted and have a huge amount of astigmatism.  If your "eye doctor" tries to prescribe all your prescription (determined by a dilated cycloplegia refraction) they will seem too strong for you.   If the eye doctor prescribes the most comfortable your eye has to do extra work up close for reading and computer.  And every year your eye focus muscle gets weaker.  Moreover depending on a number of things like how well you feel, what medications even other the counter you take your glasses RX may vary from day to day.  No matter how much time you spend working with your eye doctor at some point he/she is going to say "that's the best we can do"   At some point the only way to address your near and intermedicate problems will be bifocals.
As an addendum many eye doctors will tell the person "no guarantees on this RX and many optical will say "no free regrinds" because it is so problem prone.
Thanks for your response. Where I got my glasses has been good with trying to help me.

These new glasses also have more blur on all edges of the lenses than my previous pair. I was told because my old pairs have spherical lenses and these have aspheric lenses that is the reason. I'm just finding a little hard to adapt to only having clear vision through the centre of the lense.
Only the center of the lens has your glasses Rx in it. Its called the optical zone. Outside of that is not your prescription. You have to point you nose at what you're trying to see and look through the center.  Expecially true with your type of glasses RX
Thanks for responding so quickly! I must say, I am getting used to the blur in my periphery, but there is a larger than normal dragging blur towards the bottom of the lenses. My other glasses have all had a bit of distortion and blur, but this pair seems to be more.
Like I said best of luck.
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